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    "Debut author Chloe Neill owes me a good night's sleep! With her wonderfully compelling reluctant vampire heroine, and her careful world building, I was drawn into Some Girls Bite from page one, and kept reading far into the night."—Julie Kenner

    "I'd so hang out with Merit the vampire."—Candace Havens


    In early lost my breath from the sudden race of fire through my limbs, and had to grip the back of the love seat to stay upright. My stomach clenched, pain radiating in waves through my abdomen. I went light-headed, and as I touched my tongue to the tip of an eyetooth, I could feel the sharp bite of fang.

    I swallowed instinctively.

    I needed blood. Now.

    "Ethan." Luc said his name, and I heard rustling behind me.

    A hand gripped my arm, and I snapped my head to look. Ethan stood next to me, green eyes wide. "First Hunger," he announced.

    But the words meant nothing.

    I looked down at his long fingers on my arm, and felt the warm rush of fire again. I curled my toes against it, reveled in the heat of it.

    This meant something. The feeling, the need, the thirst. I looked up at Ethan, dragging my gaze past the triangle of skin that showed through the top unfastened button of his shirt, then the column of his neck, the strong line of his jaw, and the sensuous curves of his lips.

    I wanted blood, and I wanted it from him . . .

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